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Trinidad Carnival 2008
T&T Desperadoes Steel Orchestra 2009


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Myself with Dr. Hollis Liverpool (Chalkdust), proud to have just exchanged one of my CDs for his great book "Rituals of Power & Rebellion". The Track on my CD that was mirrored of Chalkdust style of music "Ignorance".

Sonny Black Veteran Calypso promoter in the UK, Dr. Bob Ramdani Founder of CMAT Arts Centre Birmingham, Dr. Hollis Liverpool Master Veteran Calypsonian, and myself.

Head Teacher Valerie and Keith at Washwood Heath School


Steelpan Workshop in Washwood Heath School with Asian Dancers & Drummers

Myself with happy members of staff Washwood Heath Carnival Day Celebrations.


Jamma at the Beach

Jamani, Rusty, Andre, Jamma

The Voice Mighty Jamma

I bring a vibration

Jamma Caribbean Jazz

Pan in Action







The Pan and I

Jamma's School of Pan


Limbo King Gabby and the...

...Live Bumcy Party Vibes

Lord Mayor

Bumcy Party Action

Carnival Bumcy Jam

Carnival Jamma

Brian Lara with BSP members


Birmingham School of Pan...




Three Cellos

Young talent hits stage




All Nations Musical Youth Steel
Band Birmingham Carnival 2005

Birmingham Carnival 2005

Birmingham Carnival 2005

Shawn Birmingham Carnival '05

R Jay Birmingham Carnival '05

R Jay Birmingham Carnival '05

MACKADUB "Barry Stewart", producer of the Reggae Pan series



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