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The Voices of Pan - Steelpan GospelThe Voices of Pan - Steelpan Gospel
This is a great selection of well known gospel songs, played using the full range of instruments in a steel orchestra. All instruments played by the Steelpan virtuous the Mighty Jamma, also featuring his son Jamani Stewart. Recorded, mixed and mastered at Greenbeat Music by Barry Mackadub Stewart. The album has a great lively Steelband sound. Bringing out the happiness and sunshine whenever it is played.

Reggae Pan Classics 2Reggae Pan Classics 2
Reggae Pan Classics Volume II is the ideal gift for yourself or the people you love: a fusion of Trinidad and Jamaican cultures. Due to the overwhelming success of the first edition of Reggae Pan Classics, a second addition had to be recorded. This album of memorable songs played on Steelpans to a spiced up Reggae beat is guaranteed to bring musical happiness to your home, car, or party.

Cool Evenings 2
This is an excellent compilation of songs to keep you
in that mellow mood. Well known melodies, with touches of Jamma's cool relaxed improvisation sets
the scene for a fantastic musical journey.


Reggae Pan Christmas
This is an excellent new exciting style of music for the Christmas season. Jamma teams up with top reggae producer Barry Stewart from Greenbeat music to put out some solid arrangements of well-known Christmas Carols: This has proved to be a very popular album with people of all ages, and brings that rich warm Caribbean feeling into your homes again & again.


Bumcy Party Pack CD & DVD/Video
This is just what you need to keep the party going, and this is strictly up-tempo. Bumcy Party the song has proved to be a hit in the Caribbean, USA, UK, as well as many other countries like Japan, Australia. The DVD has
also been broadcasted on many TV stations worldwide. The CD features The Harlem Syncopaters Steel Orchestra from Laventille Trinidad  (70 players) One of the leading Steel Orchestra in the country performance one of Jamma’s compositions and arrangement “Dancing Pan Dan” brings out the true spirit of Trinidad on a CD. The DVD also includes an interview with the man himself D Mighty Jamma, talking about Carnival, with a guided tour round Birmingham International Carnival.

The Sun
A gem in any one’s record collection. This albums captures the true mood of the Caribbean, traditional folk songs like Yellow Bird, Jamaica farewell, mixed with great standards i.e.: For the Good time’s, He’ll will have to go, is a great balances of songs to enjoy at any time, driving, relaxing, family reunion’s you name it, The Sun will certainly bring a nice ambiance to the occasion.


Relaxing Nights 1
The title says it all, yes this is a nice cool mellow album to put your feet up to and relax. Many people have requested a lot of the selection of songs on this album, so you will defiantly be able to sing along to all the memorable classics, and enjoy many Relaxing Nights with Jamma on Steelpans.


Treasured Moments
This is a collaboration Of The Mighty Jamma & World Renowned panist, Yohan Popwell. Yohan is a highly accomplished pan player from the Trinidad All Stars Steel Orchestra, who visited England on tour in the early 80’s. This visit opened the door for the two young panists to meet. They both are professionals in different parts of the world,. Recently, after meeting back in England they felt it was time for the two Steelpan Masters to record this album, Treasured Moments Memorable favorites on Steelpans.


Pan In Flight / Barcelona
This is a masterpiece, bringing together artist from India, South Africa, Trinidad, Barbados, and Saint Kitts, Saint Lucia, Jamaica, Grenada, and England to produce a new original Sound.The album is certainly a melting pot of virtuoso at the highest level of music in their respective fields performing to the unmistakable sound of the Mighty Jamma’s compositions The album features Richard Baily one of the Top Drummers in the world, and Panorama drummer for Phase II steel orchestra, adds his excellent groves & Magic to the arrangements. Also featured is Black Voices one of the Leading vocal groups in the UK, performs a rendition of Jam-it. Many of the tracks on this album Jamma composed on his visit to Spain in the early 90’s hence the Barcelona flamenco influences in the Music.

Dancing Pan Dan EP
This CD leans more on the vocal side of Jamma’s song writing skills, and his ability to deliver his songs. With Tracks like Dancing (official anthem of the UK Carnivals Y2K) you are sure to be on your feet. The album has the track entitled “Ignorance” a powerful social commentary song about some of the obstacles. Jamma & many other pan players, has had to rise above. This Song was also a big hit in Trinidad, and in the UK was voted winning song in the Nottinghill Carnival Calypso Competition in 2001 Winning Jamma the tit
le of UK Calypso Monarch 2001. The album also features top Reggae “DJ UC Milo “ Rapping, millennium Jam with Pan. This EP is not available on cassettes.

Christmas Carols on the Steelpans
This album is the perfect Christmas gift for any member of the family. It brings to life those well-known traditional Christmas songs. The perfect album for a sing-along Christmas session. This album is a great production that explores the sensation that is Steelpan. Produced  and made in the Caribbean Island of Trinidad & Tobago, the home of the Steelpan, gives the listener the chance to enjoy the playing of world renowned panist Yohan Popwell & UK’S no 1 Steelpan soloist Mighty Jamma.


Mom's Song Reggae Pan Gospel
This is a beautiful album with a selection of popular religious songs done to a spiced up Reggae beat, with the smooth Steelpan sounds singing the melodies of songs many of us grew up with, and can recall our mother’s and grandmother’s used to sing. Mom’s Songs is the perfect gift for Mothers andGrandmothers, as well as for any member of the family.


Relaxing Nights 2
Relaxing Nights II has been recorded due to the success and feed back from Relaxing Nights 1; we saw the need to bring out part 2. An album full of well known standards arranged in a way to guarantee, hours of pleasurable relaxing music to calm the soul.Many people have commended on playing the album over and over again, with all the tracks sounding as fresh & new: as if they were hearing the music for the first time.Great improvisation and playing skills   executed again by Jamma.This album has an exclusive recording of Jamma’s Caribbean Jazz band playing Round Midnight, recorded live at the Birmingham international Jazz Festival 1993.Jamma’s love for Jazz, Classical music, Calypso, Reggae, Rumba, and Cha Cha Cha   is defiantly the mix to keep you on a positive vibe during those Relaxing Nights.

Cool Evenings
Cool Evenings is a selection of well known ballads. In this album the sound of the Steelpan simply steels your heart and soul. In a moment of musical transformation you are transported to a place of imagination- deep as the sea, and as high as the universe. Jamma’s distinctive ability to play melodies interspersed with intricate improvised music, guides the listener through a magical melodious experience. This album has an exclusive recording of Jamma’s Caribbean Jazz band playing Blussett recorded live at the Birmingham international Jazz Festival 1993.The album will defiantly cruise you through those cool evenings.

Reggae Pan Classics
The album is a great fusion of Caribbean Cultures: Trinidad meets Jamaica, a fusion of the Steelpan sound on top of Reggae music, with touches of Jazz rifts, make’s this music a new vibration of cross over music that appeals to all generations and races. Reggae Pan Classics is a album can be comfortably at any occasion, ideal for barbeques, and party’s, as well as for chilling & relaxing.